This past month, dealers were continuing to monitor what was happening at Excel Industries after the Feb. 25 mass shooting at its Hesston, Kan., facility. Two stories, an editorial on how Excel’s leadership was addressing the situation and an update on the shooting, were the first and fourth most viewed stories in March on

For our second most viewed story, dealers weighed in regarding the last time they raised shop rates. Current results show that 64% of dealers raised their rates in 2015.

Forecasts from Branson regarding sales goals ranked number 3 and Polaris’ acquisition of Taylor-Dunn, a provider of industrial vehicles, ranked number 7 for most viewed stories.

Dealers were also interested in sales data and trends, such as the best month for compact tractor sales (number 5), compact tractor sales figures for February (number 6) and overall 2016 trends from our latest Dealer Business Trends & Outlook report (number 9).

Finally, dealers checked out strategies from other dealers in our “How to Sell” series (number 8) and “Seizing Opportunities” feature (number 10). 

Top 10 Most Viewed Online Stories in March

1. From the Desk of Lynn Woolf: Leading During a Crisis: The Shootings at Excel Industries

2. Poll: When Was the Last Time You Raised Your Shop Labor Rate?

3. Industry Viewpoint: Branson’s Goal: Double Business in 5 Years

4. Shooting at Excel Industries: 4 Dead, 14 Injured

5. Rural Equipment Intelligence: Looking at the Best Month for Compact Tractor Sales

6. North American Compact Tractor Sales Up 20.4% in February

7. Polaris Acquires Taylor-Dunn

8. How to Sell: Finding Success with Niche Products

9. 2016 Dealer Business Trends & Outlook: Upward Trend Continues for Rural Equipment Market

10. Seizing Opportunities in the Rural Lifestyle Segment

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