What Rural Lifestylers Want from You


What Rural Lifestylers Want From You

Rural Neighbors Pool Resources

Missouri large property owners purchase equipment together to get the specialty equipment they want, while splitting the cost.
A simple question across a property line, “Do you like this fence?” has led to an equipment purchasing partnership between large property owners Michael Woolf and Russ and Cynthia DeTrempe of Hartsburg, Mo.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From you

Landscaping for Whitetails

Michigan hunter grows his deer management business by adding new equipment and developing promotional partnerships with his dealer.
Kasey Thren of Clare, Mich., transitioned from landscaping for people to landscaping for wildlife when he started his deer management business in 2012. He works with Gene's Power Equipment of Coleman, Mich.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From You

Get Up to Speed on Issues Facing Landscapers

Limited work visas, restrictions on equipment and sharing the labor pool with the construction industry are all challenges that dealers should watch.
Landscapers across the country are facing a variety of challenges, including a lack of experienced workers, made worse by worker visa restrictions; restrictions on noisy equipment; and the ongoing issue of keeping fleets up and running.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From You

Land Management Adds Value to Retirement Investments

Joe and Sharon Kapitany have searched out the right land and the right equipment to build their perfect retirement property.
Joe and Sharon Kapitany have bought and sold 7 different farms in 4 states over the last 9 years in pursuit of the perfect retirement property — and they have finally found it. In January 2016, they bought 150 acres near Simpson, Ill., and are now building a home and tackling numerous land management projects.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From You

Landscaping Exclusively with Battery-Powered Equipment

South Pasadena, Calif., earns certification as the first American Green Zone Alliance Green Zone City in the U.S.
The city of South Pasadena, Calif., was named the first American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) Green Zone City in the U.S. This means all of the city’s 13 properties — comprising 41 acres (including 21 acres of mowing); 15 acres of hardscapes; 1 acre of hedges and more than 7 miles of edging — are maintained with battery-powered mowers, trimmers, edgers, hedgers and blowers.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want from You

10 Years of Understanding Rural Lifestyle Customers

Here are the stand-out stories and best takeaways from our long-standing series that helps dealers better understand their customers.
Knowing your customers allows you to become more than salespeople and develop into a solution provider for them. You need to know their needs, help them find the equipment to satisfy those needs and follow up with service and parts to keep them working on and enjoying their properties day in and day out. By doing that, you can earn loyal customers.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want from You

Finding Opportunities in the Small Farming Trend

Consumer demand is growing for locally produced food and USDA is increasing funding for small and beginning farmers.
Small farms and "micro-farms" are a trend that seems to encompass everything from patio "farming" to the small acreage producer. Here's why you need to pay attention to small farmers in your market who need equipment to grow their crops and their businesses.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From You: Electrifying the Hunt

Chip Davis, a hunter and farmer from Mississippi, is loyal to an equipment brand because of its environmental qualities and to a dealer he can count on.
Chip Davis farms 3,500 acres of cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat and milo in Mississippi. His working hours may be spent on a tractor or in a combine, but his free time is spent in the woods with his family, hunting deer and turkey or trapping coyotes.
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What Rural Lifestylers Want From You: Working Together

Mat and JoAnn McCleary of Frog Construction specialize in maintenance and land clearing projects and depend on a fleet of tractors and their dealer.
Mat and JoAnn McCleary of Whidbey Island, Wash., both worked full-time jobs when they started Frog Construction, a landscape maintenance and construction company, and several other business ventures. Their businesses allow them to do what they like best: work outside, be independent and meet new people.
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