Middleton Power Center and Prairie Power Center, which make up the Power Centers of Madison, carry 11 different lines of equipment. While manufacturer representatives regularly visit the dealership, Duane Nolden, co-owner, says the only new line they’ve taken on in the last 2 years is Ventrac. “When we dropped Mahindra, we took on Ventrac because it’s more of a specialty product,” he says. “If we take on a niche line, it’s because it’s a different customer base. Or it’s a product that would fit the customers that we have already, some of the commercial guys. Is it a product that you might see a few of them around? If we carried it, would more people have it?

“Here’s the way we look at it: Should we take that line on, how is it going to fit, and can we sell enough of it? If we can answer those questions positively, then we’ll take the line on,” Nolden says.