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Demand for Backup Generators is Rising

When your electricity goes out, virtually nothing works. Water still runs from faucets and toilets flush, but furnaces and air conditioners are kaput. Sump pumps stop. If the power failed because of a storm with flooding, your basement may begin taking on water.
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How to Sell

How to Grow Your Off-Season Service Business

Discounts, free pick-up and delivery, and on-farm visits help dealers promote seasonal service packages.
That first warm day in the spring is usually what sets off the spring rush. After that last lawn mowing in the fall, your rural lifestyle customers have stowed their mowers in the shed and shut the door for the winter.
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How to Make (or Lose) an Easy Sale

In today's challenging economy, selling is a difficult job, right? Well, not always. Sometimes prospects signal that they're ready to buy--right now--and if you're not listening carefully, you might easily miss the opportunity.
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How to Sell: Quality, Stocking, Demos Increase Log Splitter Sales

The allure of a cozy fire crackling in the fireplace on a cold, wintery night is part of the rural lifestyle dream. And, for some, the satisfaction of felling the tree and splitting the wood for those fires is part of that vision. For others, burning wood for heat just makes good economic sense, with wood roughly one-third the cost of natural gas, electricity or oil.
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Perspectives on UTVs: Bad Boy Mowers, Bobcat, Kubota, Polaris

UTV manufacturers offer an inside look at what sets their vehicles apart and how they support dealers
Rural lifestylers love working and playing on their properties. They are turning to utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) — in record numbers — to help them do both. Retail sales of UTVs in North America reached their highest level in 2011, with more than 280,000 units sold, according to Power Products Marketing. The trend is higher for 2012, with sales expected to climb another 12-15%.
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