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On the Fence About Fencing?

Some equipment dealerships are seeing an increase in fencing demand as farms are being split up and sold, and rural lifestylers are setting up homesteads on smaller pieces of acreage. Despite the demand, this product isn't found in every dealership, or even many dealerships, and for good reason: Price. It's often difficult, if not impossible, for dealerships to compete with big box stores. However, some dealerships have found success with this niche product in spite of the "price-match" mentality.
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Notable and Quotable: Increasing Cash Flow

How to manage cashflow is one of the four decisions that every business must get correct to be successful (along with people, strategy and execution). Think of your financial results in this way: Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king. Without cash, dealerships will starve.
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