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How To Sell: Handling Animal Feed Adds Another Dimension to Equipment Sales

Selling animal feed as a diversification strategy gives customers reasons to return often to your dealership.
Many of your customers have made the lifestyle choice to buy property in the country and move back to the land. And your dealership has successfully helped them buy and service the equipment they need to manage their property. But would you be able to lend a hand if they pulled up to your dealership with a baby goat in the backseat of their car?
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Bush Hog Hosts 58th Annual National Sales Meeting

Reps from across the country recently converged on the Marriot Hotel & Convention Center just outside Montgomery, Ala. for Bush Hog's 58th annual national sales meeting. This year's meeting had a slightly different flavor: Day one was a joint meeting with sales reps from sister company Rhino for product and sales training on the Quicke line of loaders.
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Not What You Say, But What You Do: Strengthen Your Dealership with Community Giving

How many times each month do you get asked for a donation of money, products or services? Plenty, I'm sure. And, I'm also sure you give gladly. What if that donation could do more? What if the steer you bought at the 4-H auction could lead to increased revenues or smarter, happier employees? One expert says it can -- and should.
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The Big Picture: Why The Customer Is Not Always Right And Why It Doesn't Matter

Related Topics: Managing OPEN Forum Message Affordably Build Your Brand FedEx Global Brand Management Director Monica Skipper shares a cost-effective way to build a bigger brand for your small business. Learn more Featured Response The customer may not always be right, but the Bruce Walker View all comments Just how pervasive is the cliche "the customer is always right" in business? Well, a quick Google search reveals more than 3 million matching Web pages containing that exact phrase. If you buy into the the "wisdom of the crowds," you're probably wondering why in the world only your business ended up with a lot of "wrong" customers.
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